Chemical Status of groundwater Bodies (GWB)


Description Index that assesses the chemical quality of groundwater in groundwater body (GWB). The Chemical Status of the GWB is determined on the basis of the percentage of area under the monitoring points which have been a Chemical Not Good
Legislation European Directive 2000/60/EC (WFD), Directive 2006/118/EC, Directive 2009/90/EC, Legislative Decree 152/06, Decree 30/09, Decree 17 July 2009, Decree 219/2010, Decree 260/2010
Legislative target

Good Status of the groundwater body in 2015

Data sources Arpa Piemonte
Unit Index
Updating 2019
Temporal coverage 2009 - 2018
Notes The Chemical Status is not good when the percentage of area under the monitoring points was not good detailed chemical exceeds 20% of the total area of the GWB


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