Ecological status

Description The ecological status of river and lakes is defined by the integrated assessment indices STAR_ICMi, ICMI, IBMR, ISEC, LIMeco (for rivers) or ICF, LFI, MTIspecies/MacroIMMI, LTLeco (for lakes) and the verification of the Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for specific pollutants. The confirmation of the High Quality State is provided by hydromorphological parameters. There are five classes: High, Good, Fair, Poor and Bad.
Legislation European Directive 2000/60/EC (WFD), Directive 2008/105/EC, Directive 2009/90/EC, Legislative Decree 152/06, Decree 131/2008, Decree July 17, 2009, Decree 219/2010, Decree 260/10
Legislative target Good Ecological Status. Comparison of results between the Ecological status and Chemistry status gives the classification for the whole surface water body. Two classes are foreseen: Good / Not Good
Data sources Arpa Piemonte
Unit Index
Updating 2018
Temporal coverage 2009 - 2016
Notes The Ecological status is determined on the basis of the assessment of the worst data among the biological quality elements (macrobenthos, macroalgae, diatoms, fish for rivers and phytoplankton, macrophytes, fish lakes) and EQS specific pollutants and the average value of LIMeco (LTLeco for lakes) in three years for operative monitoring and in one year for Supervisory monitoring


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